Ayrex Offers Modern Trading App In May 2017 For Binary Options

Ayrex Offers Modern Trading App In May 2017 For Binary Options

In the segment of binary options the broker Ayrex plays in the first league since some time. Fact is that the mobile trade offer is frequently revised. New functions and other updates are offered and contribute to the fact that ever more customers decide for the broker Ayrex. If you want to start trading with the current app from Ayrex, you will be able to find it directly via Google Play.

How to find the current trading app from Ayrex?

The current app version from Ayrex was published on May 10, 2017. It should be noted that the app has been installed more than 50,000 times. The current version of the app is 4.2.2 and the app requires Android version 4.1 or higher. If this is the case, the app can be used without any problems on the smartphone or on the tablet.

What functions and features can be used with the Ayrex app?

From a deposit of just $5 it is possible to start trading with the Ayrex app. The platform advertises in its description that it is possible to execute a trade within 28ms. It should be noted that any number of different trading instruments can be used.

Whoever decides to trade with the Ayrex App can, for example, use numerous currency pairs as underlying assets. USD, EUR as well as GBP and JPY can be used without problems. Also stocks are available as underlyings for trading with the Ayrex App.

The selection of underlyings is 75, so that a more than attractive number of stocks can be used. It should be noted that not only classic binary options, but also short-term options as well as touch and no-touch options can be exercised. The yield of Ayrex is significantly higher than that of many other brokers. It is possible that a return of up to 85% can be achieved.

How does it look with support and regulation with Ayrex?

Whoever has a web account via the online broker Ayrex can easily perceive numerous binary options. It should be noted that with the Ayrex web account, a lot of support can be provided without any problems. The support of Ayrex can be used without problems over the Internet, e.g. via Live Chat. Unfortunately it is not possible that a callback service is used.

In general it should be noted that Ayrex has no regulation. This is partly due to the fact that Ayrex is not a broker based in the EU.

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