Comdirect Customers Can Collect 6.2% Interest P.A. On The Vw Ag Easy Reverse Convertible Of Deutsche Bank!

Comdirect Customers Can Collect 6.2% Interest P.A. On The Vw Ag Easy Reverse Convertible Of Deutsche Bank!

The comdirect Bank is currently advertising a reverse convertible bond on VW AG with interest income of 6.2%. The offer will be processed via Deutsche Bank. If you are interested, you will find the necessary certificate under the WKN code XM9ZR2. The bond is issued by Deutsche Bank and can be subscribed from 19 January 2018 to 12 April 2018.

The comdirect Bank offers its traders attractive reverse convertibles again and again, which can be easily subscribed by custody account customers. In most cases, attractive interest income p.a. is advertised, which is paid regardless of the performance of the underlying.

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Which chances offers the comdirect stock bond on the VW AG with 6,2% interest yield p.a.?

Who is interested in the comdirect stock bond, will want to know, how this can be subscribed. The reverse convertible can be subscribed for at a fixed price of 100%, starting from a sum of 1,000 euros per bond. The interest yield of 6.2% is paid regardless of how the underlying value of the reverse convertible will develop.

There is the option that a safety buffer of 15% can be used. This can secure the repayment at the end of the term. The barrier will be observed on 11 February 2019. A further advantage of the offer is the short term of just one year and the flexible trading option, because the bond can be resold on any trading day.

What risks are subject to the reverse convertible on VW AG?

Not only the opportunities, but also the risks of the reverse convertible should be examined. The maximum yield of the bond is limited to the possible coupon payments. The development of the price depends on the development of the underlying asset. It should be noted that there is no capital guarantee. It is therefore possible that losses may occur if the barrier is touched or breached at the end of the term. Furthermore, investors bear the issuer risk of Deutsche Bank.

What advantages does the deposit of the comdirect bank offer?

Customers who choose the deposit and also the free checking account with the comdirect bank benefit from the fact that they can also use the deposit without account management fees. That means that they may carry both products parallel without fees. With the help of the comdirect custody account, customers have access to numerous trading centres and stock markets. In addition to some domestic trading places, many foreign trading places are also advertised via the free comdirect Bank Depot.

It should be noted that, in addition to trading in shares, funds can also be traded via the comdirect Bank Depot. This means that thousands of funds are available, some of which can even be traded with a discount on the issue premium. Of course, it must also be mentioned that the funds can be analysed online without any problems. In addition to funds, clients can also trade a large number of ETFs. Some ETFs and funds are even suitable for a savings plan.

The comdirect Bank also offers its customers CFD trading, although a separate CFD trading account must be opened here.

As far as service and support are concerned, it must be mentioned that the comdirect Bank, based in Quickborn near Hamburg, is more than exemplary. The enterprise offers a 24/7 telephone support, which can be used free of charge. Beyond that the option exists that e.g. an email address can be contacted, which can also be used, in order to send forms and documents to the bank.

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