Digibet: Receive Up To 25% Combination Bonus

Digibet: Receive Up To 25% Combination Bonus

A sports betting fan always wants to make the maximum profit with his bets. So it comes as no surprise that the betting provider Digibet offers its customers a great combination bonus. If suitable bets with one another are combined, so a bonus amount of up to 25 per cent of the winning sum can be run in.

Problemless increase of the profits

Participate can in the action of Digibet each inventory customer, who places a combination bet from at least three selections. Please note that each individual odds on the betting slip must have a value of 1.10 or higher. In case of success, a winning bonus is paid, the amount of which depends on the number of combined bets on the coupon.

If three to nine events are combined, the bookmaker pays a bonus of five percent on the win. If 20 to 24 events are combined again, the winning bonus is raised to 20 percent. The largest possible bonus of 25 percent can be secured by the provider’s customers if 25 or more bets are combined on the combination.

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