Euroslots Experiences

Euroslots Experiences

The casino industry is booming. It plays no role whether it concerns real gaming houses or on-line Casinos, for which the customer does not have to leave even the own four walls. The popularity of the Casinobranche is characterized not least by the fact that there are ever more offerers of on-line Casinos. One of these offerers is EuroSlots. This online casino is fair, secure and clean because it has several valid gambling licenses. Fraud and Abzocke must fear the customer here thus under no circumstances. Which the fans of on-line Casinos find here and on which they should pay attention, the following EuroSlots test shows.

Our experiences in the overview

Our experiences with EuroSlots are nearly throughout positive. For example, there is a large number of slot machines from which customers can choose their personal favourites. Beyond that also however the relevant Casinoklassiker from the table and card play department are not neglected. The bonus offer includes both additional money to play with and free spins for selected slot machines. In order to fill the play account, there are sufficiently deposit options, beyond that the support can be quite seen.

Particularly important in the Casinobranche: The customer is here on the absolutely safe side, because EuroSlots has several valid gambling licenses. A mobile offer is likewise present. However for this an appropriate reference is missing on the offerer side. The good total picture does not disturb this however.

EuroSlots in the check: Fraud or respectable?

The question whether a offerer is respectable or whether here possibly fraud is in the play, is nearly as old as the gambling. Also today still this question is often omnipresent, since the Casinos must fight with old loads from long past days. In the case of EuroSlots the player can be however very calmed down, because there are here no crooked machinations. The provider can rely on valid gambling licenses, among others from the MGA, the Malta Gaming Authority. This is one of the best known authorities of all. In addition, it is also awarded the “Online Casino Reports Seal of Approval”, which also stands for a secure and clean offer. In addition, there are other signs that show customers that they are dealing with a good provider. For example the services of various, renowned enterprises from the financial industry are offered. If it would concern with EuroSlots an unclean offerer, the Imageschaden would be enormous for these companies. It can therefore be assumed that these companies will also have informed themselves in advance about the seriousness of the provider. The same can be transferred nearly 1:1 to the range of the play offer, in which likewise considerable manufacturers cavort.


The offer of this on-line Casino is extremely versatile. As the name promises, the focus here is of course on the slot machines, which can be seen in various areas of the site. In addition, other plays find here place and provide for an all around successful offer. Also a live casino is represented.


Slots have had a firm place in the casino industry for a long time. That applies not only to the genuine gaming houses, in which there are even special ranges and floors for the automats. Also in on-line Casinos there are these slot machines, which are called here on-line Slots. With EuroSlots the customer finds very many of these on-line Slots. These come from well-known manufacturers such as NetEnt and cover various topics. For music lovers for example a game Jimi Hendrix or Guns n’ Roses offers itself. If you are looking for a real classic, you could try Starburst. This is an online slot, which is probably one of the most famous slot machines at all. Book of Dead, Jack and the Beanstalk as well as Gonzo’s Quest are also very popular slot games. When it comes to online slots, many players always keep an eye on the jackpots that are available here. EuroSlots offers a variety of jackpot games. Mega Fortune and Mega Moolah are among the jackpot slots that almost every customer might have heard. Altogether a selection is offered to the customer, which looks for their-same and which might let strike above all the hearts of the Slot lovers higher.

Card and table plays

To the Portfolio of an on-line casino belong in most cases in addition, the classical table and card plays. With EuroSlots these hide themselves behind the menu option further plays . This column is divided then into the subcategories video Poker, Black Jack, Roulette, further table plays and the live Casino. With the video Poker are just as different versions, as this with the Black Jack or roulette the case is. With Black Jack, for example, you can find the very popular Double Exposure variant, while with Roulette you can find American Roulette, French Roulette or European Roulette. In addition to these classics, other games can also be found in the table games category. These include Punto Banco, Baccarat or the iconic Texas Hold’em.

Live Casino

A live casino offers the customer another level of gaming. Because here you don’t play against or with the computer, but with and against real dealers and croupiers. These provide for a flair, which gives it actually only in genuine Casinos. The player can follow every move of the employees and is right in the middle of the game. Live offers include Black Jack and Roulette. But there is also a live version of the slot classic Sizzling Hot Deluxe. A live casino also provides the player with confidence. The reason: Since the customer always gets a first-hand impression of what the dealers and croupiers are doing, any concerns about “dubious gambling” are nipped in the bud. However, it must be mentioned at this point that computer-controlled games are always beyond doubt.

Bonus for new customers

A bonus is now commonplace in the casino industry. Meanwhile there is it even in genuine gaming houses, but in an on-line Casino a prevails more variety. The bonus can consist either of an additional money achievement or in addition, from free plays for on-line Slots. With some offerers there is in addition, a combination of both variants.

The Macher of EuroSlots decided to make both additional cash and Free Spins available to the customer. The additional money is connected with the deposits on the play account. With many offerers only the first deposit is prämiert. With EuroSlots the player gets a bonus for his first three deposits. With the first deposit this is 100 percent. Altogether over the deposits a maximum bonus sum of 100 euro is to be gotten.

In addition to the money there are also free spins. New customers get a total of 5 free spins for free. These are divided into the following games: Starburst, Football: Champions Cup, Piggy Riches, Monkey King.

Casinoboni are always bound to conditions. So the player can’t go here and claim a cash bonus to get paid out immediately afterwards. With EuroSlots the money bonuses must be converted altogether 50 times. No payout of the bonus is possible before. Likewise important: The customer may not use with its bonus money with on-line Slots more than five euro altogether and more than 50 cent per line. The bonus conditions must be met within 14 days of the bonus being claimed. If this is not the case, the bonus and the winnings will be deleted. There are also conditions for the free spins. These are only valid 24 hours after the first registration for the day. In addition profits, which were obtained by means of the free plays, must be converted within 24 hours 50 times, since they expire otherwise.

Although the bonus conditions are basically completely clear and unambiguously, there is nevertheless a little confusion. Because in the use conditions on the web page of the offerer it is stated for example that only the first deposit is prämiert. The welcome offer itself is however designed for three payments. From therefore this appears a little misleading.

Einzahlung and disbursement

The payment transaction is very important with an on-line Casino. Because the deposit and payout methods are it, which point the way out, over which the player gets both money on its play account and money from its account to pay out can leave. The individual payment methods should be just as varied as the players themselves, because not every potential customer has a credit card or wants to use it. The more payment methods are offered, the more customers one can address in the long run also and win for on-line Casino.

With EuroSlots there is a set of payment methods, which the customer can use. For example there are digital purses such as Skrill or Neteller, which are listed here as possible payment methods. The customer has the advantage that the deposited funds are immediately available on the game account and can be used. PayPal is also specified as the payment method. This service provider should be known to most customers in the online industry as a means of payment anyway. Of course, credit cards are also among the options that the provider provides here. Credit cards are one of the most popular means of payment in e-business. Visa, Visa Electron and Mastercard are mentioned here as potential means of payment. There are also banking options. With Trustly you can make a bank transfer, but the money is also immediately credited to the customer’s account. Alternatively, you can also order a conventional bank transfer. However, the customer must be prepared for the fact that it can take a few working days until this transfer is credited to the customer account. Prepaid credit can also be used. The payment method used here is the Paysafecard, which in the EuroSlots list, however, runs under e-wallets. The customer purchases this card in selected shops and can then transfer the credit to the gaming account either in one go or in several stages. The minimum amount that must be deposited is five Euros. If you deposit with a credit card, you must pay a fee of 2.5 percent.

Who tries his luck in an online casino, of course also wants to win. If this is the case, it applies to let the won money pay out. Also for this there are some methods, which are made available to the customer on the part of the offerer. For example the money can be paid out over the digital purses Skrill, Neteller or PayPal. If you want to have your winnings paid out to your credit card, you can use Visa and Visa Electron. As an alternative to the options mentioned above, payment by bank transfer is also possible. Withdrawals can be made free of charge from an amount of 20 euros.

Caution: The deposit and withdrawal methods can vary. The final selection will depend on where the player resides. For example, a customer from Great Britain may be able to use PayPal while this service is not available to players from other countries.

Security and Regulation

The topics of security and regulation are always booming, especially in the gambling sector. No miracle, because as already indicated, the gambling enjoyed not always a good reputation. With EuroSlots however the customers do not have to worry, because the offerer is equipped same with several licenses. Experience with EuroSlots has shown that the provider can compete with both a licence from Malta and a licence from Curacao. The licence from Malta, for example, comes from the MGA, the Malta Gaming Authority. This is one of the largest gaming authorities in the world. If you get a license from this authority, you can regard this as a quality feature. But also the licence from Curacao is worth all honours. It may sound exotic to some customers, but this has nothing to do with seriousness. Fraud and rip-off do not exist here either.

Some customers may wonder why a provider has two licenses at once. Now, with it various play offers are covered, in order to be also really to 100 per cent on the safe side. And with both licensers hard defaults apply, which must be fulfilled, before a license is issued. For example, the games must run cleanly and fairly. To ensure this, there is software that works in the sense of a random generator. But also the security of customer data or bank data has top priority. This data must not fall into the hands of third parties so that they can misuse it. Only when all points are covered will a license be granted. And the criteria are further checked after the license has been granted.

Support and customer service

Support and customer service are important elements of a provider. The customer can contact the service as well as help himself. Who wants to get in touch with the service, can reach the employees either by live chat or by mail. If one decides for the establishment of contact by Mail, then one is passed on to a form for contact, which can be used. The Live Chat is a good possibility, in order to solve questions or problems fast and uncomplicatedly. If you would rather search for the solution to your problem yourself, you can use the very extensive FAQ area. Here you will find a lot of questions and the corresponding answers. Under certain circumstances it may not be necessary to contact the support afterwards.

User friendliness of the website

The website is easy to navigate and poses no serious problems for experienced users or beginners. The selection of the games is clearly categorized, so that the customer arrives quickly at his destination. Also the other points are easy to reach. As already mentioned, the bonus conditions are a little misleadingly formulated. In addition the German translation hangs in some places.

Mobile App

Mobile playing has become very important. Especially at a time when smartphones and tablets are a constant companion. The EuroSlots test shows here that the makers are aware of the requirements. Although there is no mobile app for downloading, there is a mobile page on which a correspondingly optimised range of games is available. All the customer has to do here is type the address into the browser of his mobile device. The customer is then forwarded to the offer. This mobile site has the advantage that customers do not have to download anything or worry about updates. It is also suitable for various operating systems. However, there is a small flaw: The provider itself does not refer to this mobile page, so that the customer initially learns nothing about a mobile offer. One could have solved that differently.

Fazit: Good offerer with mad offer

It is worthwhile for the customer in any case to open an account with EuroSlots. Here there is a multiplicity at plays from the complete Casinobereich. This offer contains not only very many play automats of considerable manufacturers, but also the Casinoklassiker such as Black Jack or Roulette. In addition, there is even a live offer available. The provider can convince not least because he has valid gambling licenses. Fraud and rip-off are therefore absolutely no topic here. Not only the different payment options know how to please, but also the support. There is even a Live Chat, which the customer can take up. Customers, who like to go mobile to the start, are also not forgotten. There is a mobile site with a good selection of games. Unfortunately, EuroSlots fails to draw attention to this offer. The altogether good evaluation is not reduced thereby however.

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