Once Upon A Time Slot: Betsoft Gaming Brings Us Into A Magical World

Once Upon A Time Slot: Betsoft Gaming Brings Us Into A Magical World

Once Upon A Time™ is one of the small masterpieces of Betsoft’s 3D gaming machines. The provider plays with the trend of the entertainment world to let the players relive their childhood stories. Because also Hollywood recognized this trend already and countered with a television series of the same name. As usual, Betsoft is again relying on animations that make the game look particularly real. You see the heroes of your childhood fighting for the good…or much more for your profit!

Betsoft takes you to a medieval magical world

In contrast to the fantasy world into which this slot machine takes you, your profits are real! The biggest advantage of this slot machine, which is often praised by critics, is its original functionality. Because when you spin the reels, the winning symbols that appear trigger various bonuses. In this way, you can even increase your winnings. With such a system, you can be sure you’ll never lose! Betsoft invites you to lose yourself in this knightly world full of fire-breathing dragons, a prince, a princess, goblins, a feast and medieval slingshots. This slot machine allows you to closely follow the love story between the brave moustached knight and the beautiful princess trapped in your kennel. The goblins with their funny looks and the little dragon are your jokers to bring you free spins.

This slot machine is truly lovable and fulfills its promise to take players on a journey into the past. Even though this journey is sometimes accompanied by obstacles, Betsoft’s graphics and numerous bonuses triggered by symbol combinations make up for all the difficulties!

Will you manage to free the princess?

The Once Upon A Time™ slot machine offers numerous bonuses. The Wild symbol is represented by a lovable fire-breathing dragon. As soon as it appears on the screen, you benefit from the Fire Starter. The wild symbol automatically replaces all other symbols. When the Princess and Knight symbols appear side by side on the reels, you can help cement their love. If they kiss, you’ll get extra credit! In this way, Once Upon A Time™ is a game where the happiness of one contributes to the happiness of the other! If the 3 goblins emerge from your tree stump house, they will trigger free spins in which you can win up to 300 additional points!

Goblins are known for their greed for money. Therefore, they will appear on the screen as soon as you receive three symbols of leather bags full of coins. A “Click Me” icon will then appear and the goblins will ask you to click on it until you receive a prize that turns into credit! Betsoft also allows you to help the brave knight save his lover when he appears 3 times in a row on your screen. This combination gives you access to the “Save the Princess” bonus. So don’t lose a second! You have to appease goblins, help a knight, save a beautiful princess and all this on the back of a fire and profit spitting dragon!

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