Pinnacle Sports Experiences

Pinnacle Sports Experiences

Attention: Currently Pinnacle Sports does not accept new customers from Germany. Instead, choose another bookmaker from our betting provider comparison!

Pinnacle Sports has become one of the most important bookmakers on the Internet in the last decade. The leisure and hobby players might be the bet offerer nevertheless hardly a term, because the Bookie went its completely own way off the Mainstreams. How can this be? Is everything right at Pinnacle Sports? How do the sometimes gigantic odds come about? Why is there no bonus for new customers? The sports bet community asks itself many questions, which we want to light up in the following empiric report.

Our experiences in the overview – is Pinnacle Sports fraud

The most important point in the test is directly in front. Pinnacle Sports is respectable. With the bet offerer there is also not the quietest trace of fraud or Abzocke. On the contrary, if it concerns finances, the on-line offerer has more to offer than the competitors. Also the external Seriosit├Ątskennzeichen are outstanding.

The offers of Pinnacle Sports

The most important point for the sport weather is naturally the offer of Pinnacle Sports. The reports in the Internet let partly something mystical assume. The explanation for the best bet ratios and the highest application type gives’ s in the following.

Offer of bet

Pinnacle sport has approximately 20 kinds of sport in the betting program, whereby the focus applies clearly to the Mainstream. Football, tennis and basketball lead the ranking. In the winter months ice hockey is added as a top sport. The German football fans may set their bet Tipps for example down to the regional league.

As market leader, the bookmaker can be rated in the section of American sports. American football, baseball and rugby are well represented. The betting provider deliberately avoids real exotics.

In the depth of the betting options, the online bookie also pursues its own strategy. While other providers serve their customers in the most important football leagues over 200 specials per game, Pinnacle Sports only offers the most important main bets. The reason is obvious. The bookmaker tries to address the betting pros and not the “fun tipsters”. Who would like to set for example on yellow and red cards or other luck offers , is with Pinnacle Sports definitely wrong.

Live bets

A subordinated role play besides the live bets. Pinnacle Sports does without a genuine live center. However, real-time tips are still possible to a limited extent. The corresponding odds are always displayed on the betting slip.

Odds, taxes and limits

Pinnacle Sports has a clear business orientation. Primarily the bookmaker wants to address the professionals in the betting scene. The Onlinebookie renounces any Schnickschnack and concentrates on the substantial. With sports betting, these are logically the odds. The provider works with an average odds key of just over 97 percent and thus eclipses all competitors by light years. At important sporting events it goes even higher. Some of the odds affect the 99% line. Conversely, this means that Pinnacle Sports works with a mathematical business gain of two to three percent. How is this possible?

The answer is obvious. The bookmaker allows unlimited use. The official stake limit per betting slip is 750,000 euros. If this is not enough for you, you can place the same bet immediately afterwards, i.e. there are actually no bet limits at all. Personal limits are also a foreign word for the betting provider. There are no individual limits. Even the safety fanatics, thus the Surebets players, are gladly seen with Pinnacle Sports.

For the German sports weather, another positive fact is added. The betting tax is completely paid by the bookmaker. Neither with won nor with lost Bettscheinen the user is asked to the cash. Who brings its employment of 100 euro with a quote of 3,0 successfully into the goal, receives the complete 300 euro disbursed in the success case – without ifs and buts.

e-Sports – the new highlight

The new catchword with the Bookie is called – e-Sports. Pinnacle Sports does not only offer odds on the competitions of the computer sportsmen, but engages itself energetically in this range, for example as tournament organizers. Beyond that there is its own team, which represents the bet offerer world-wide with the most diverse Events.

Tip: A leisure player, who does not know really within the range of the computer plays, should keep despite the delightful odds of the Tipps rather distance. A really respectable bet analysis is hardly possible for a layman.

The Casino – sector

The Casinoangebot in the virtual gaming hall is comparatively small. Nevertheless, every type of player should find a suitable game. The offer extends from the modern Slots over the video Poker section up to the table and card plays.

After our experiences above all the European on-line Casino fans with Pinnacle sport or other surprise might find. The offer is powered by the Multi Slot Casinos and Global Gaming Labs. The associated game composition is unparalleled in Germany.

In the live casino, users have the classic choice between Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and Casino Holdem.

Bonus – Pinnacle Sports with its own strategy

Will we express it with the words of Pinnacle Sports. “You get the best lifetime bonus – our odds”. Due to the clear professional focusing Pinnacle Sports renounces a welcome bonus. This fact seems serious to us and is by no means a sign of fraud. Which sport bets High Roller, which acts with employment sums in the four or five digit range, needs already a bet bonus over 100 euro

A small graduation program we found then however still – in the Casino. Pinnacle Sports refunds 0.3 per cent of all stakes as cash back. To emphasize is here that as computation basis the play amounts apply, not the loss. Even the winners are so in Online Casino in addition rewarded.

Deposit and disbursement – so goes’s

Pinnacle Sports offers to each customer the suitable deposit variant. The credit cards of Visa and MasterCard are recognized. At the same time deposits are possible with the virtual Entropay Card. The bank transfers are processed with Sofort├╝ in real time. The Paysafecard codes may be used for smaller, more anonymous deposits. The selection in the area of e-wallets is very extensive. Deposits are possible with Skrill by Moneybookers, Neteller, Qiwi, Clickandbuy, Webmoney and Please note that there is a fee of 3.45 percent for the Paysafecard. The e-Wallet Qiwi is charged with a two percent expense rate.

Disbursements are made in all technically possible ways that have already been used for a deposit. In general, Pinnacle Sports will attempt to refund the winnings up to the same amount via the deposit method. If this is not possible, only the “normal” bank transfer remains. Each customer has one payout per month free. Each additional booking costs 12 Euro. For bank transfers even 20 Euro are due. It is not to be spoken at this point of Abzocke, but this condition is unusual already. Pinnacle Sports wants to prevent permanent money transfers with the fee regulation and bind the customers.

Safety and Regulation – New also in Malta

Pinnacle Sports was founded in 1998. Only the tradition is a first quality mark. The betting provider has always been at home in Curacao. The permission of the Karibikstaates can be classified as werthaltig and safe. Curacao proved in the last years that one belongs to the prominent places of regulation in things on-line gambling world-wide in the last years to belong.

Ende 2014 there was a change of the main shareholder in the background with Pinnacle Sports. Since then there has been a new, more aggressive business policy in Europe as well. The betting provider wants to conquer the local regulated markets more intensively. The bookie has already taken its first serious step. Via its subsidiary, PinBet Malta Limited, the betting provider was granted an EU licence in March 2015.

The granting of the licence shows the reputation of Pinnacle Sports in the industry. Normally, the Malta Gaming Authority does not issue any opinions regarding the distribution of licences. For the bookmaker, the regulatory authority has even published its own press release in which it has shown itself extremely proud to be allowed to license such a well-known big player of the sports betting scene. This may sound a bit like a “backwards world”, but it shows that Pinnacle Sports is serious.

Support and customer service – contact only by email

“A real professional doesn’t need customer support” – this train of thought was and is probably at Pinnacle Sports. The service team is attainable around the clock, however only by email. The bookmaker renounces both a live Chat and a telephone Hotline.

User friendliness of the web page – the portal of the professionals

The web page addresses itself clearly to the professional players. The first appearance in the typical sport bet layout can still be compared with the competitors. However, caution is advised when presenting the betting odds. In some cases, handicaps come first. Furthermore, the markets are arranged among each other. Even experienced weather requires a short familiarization phase at this point. The colour choice of orange, blue and grey conveys a pleasant betting atmosphere. On graphic Spielereien is renounced however consciously and praiseworthy way.

The bets can be placed easily via Smartphone or Tablet. Pinnacle Sports is building on an instant app, i.e. an optimized website. In the test the mobile App with all usual final systems showed up compatible. No matter whether the customer uses iOS, Android, Blackberry or Windows Phone, he will always find an identical design. A download is not necessary. The usability of the sports betting app is simple and intuitive, for beginners even easier than the PC version. The betting slips can be arranged without Login and are platzierbar after the registration with one click.

Fazit: Pinnacle Sports – its own world of the sport bets

Pinnacle Sports is the unrestricted odds Guru. The bookmaker brings with enormous distance the best offers on the screens of its customers. The moreover one the bet offerer with the highest employment sums works. Exactly these two details make Pinnacle Sports incomparable. The Bookie plays completely in its own league.

Herb to emphasize are besides the very good bet offers within the range of the American sport, the numerous deposit methods and the simply operable sport bets App. Somewhat critically worthy are the fees with the disbursements, the bad accessibility of the customer support as well as the missing bet bonus.

All in all earns Pinnacle Sports in the evaluation the predicate very property , regarding the Wettprofis even the note outstanding . Fraud or rip-off can be excluded to 100 per cent. Pinnacle Sports is serious and this not only because of the new EU license from Malta.


Pinnacle Sports is the first port of call for high better people with more capital. Beginners and newcomers should remain rather far away. The betting on single games has priority here, the typing of combinations is actually not really offered. That is in addition, not at all necessary for players like me, who inform themselves exactly and select themselves a special play, with which they make then their stakes. The odds for these single games are incredibly high, so you can make really big winnings. It’s noticeable that Pinnacle is aimed at a slightly larger and more capital-intensive audience than bwin and tipico, for example. I’m more than happy with that, because I usually bet four-digit amounts per game and have done very well so far. The tip is simply to prepare yourself as well as possible for the football matches and to take a close look at the respective statistics and how things are going. Take a look at which players could run up, how they presented themselves in the matches before and how the whole team showed up in the matches before. Away and home balance is also important. There are many factors to consider. Then almost every game is somehow tappable with a 70% probability to get a quota above 1.5. Also always look at the over and under bets. Greetings, Tobi

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