Play The Lottery Online: Top Providers In Comparison 2019

Play The Lottery Online: Top Providers In Comparison 2019

Online lotteries are becoming more and more popular. Between 2010 and 2015, the number of players on the various platforms tripled. However, there are still reports of fraud and rip-off in this area, so we have checked the best providers for their security and seriousness.

Our test winner is Lottoland, whereby the portal has also received awards from “Focus Money” and the “Serviceinitiative Deutschland”.

Ob 6 out of 49, Eurojackpot, EuroMillions or MegaMillions – a good online lottery provider should have a large number of gambling variants available. Find now in our comparison the best Lotto portal for you!

Apart from the providers mentioned above, we have also prepared special comparisons for Lotto 6 from 49, Ethereum Lotto provider and Lotto Apps. And of course via the Spanish Christmas Lottery.

Why play Online Lotto? All advantages at a glance

Selection of a lottery provider

A good online lottery provider is not only secure and regulated, but also offers a wide range of services and a new customer bonus such as a free tip or a VIP program for loyal customers. In addition a good Lottoanbieter offers also many extras such as Rubellose or an on-line Casino.

Important criteria

Of course on-line Lotto enjoys on-line not in vain such a large popularity. In contrast to the classical handing in of lottery tickets at the acceptance point, online gamblers actually enjoy some clear advantages. One very important aspect, for example, is convenience. Who would like to drive after a long working day no more to the acceptance place, can deliver its Tipps at home within few moments at the computer. This also brings a certain independence with it, because no player has to pay attention to the opening hours of shops or other acceptance points. Straight one for those, which must work in the evening more often times a little longer work is naturally extremely useful and meaningful that.

In addition, some advantages result in addition, with the Tippabgabe, because while newcomers at the Lotto conditions are usually left themselves, they are inundated with information and Tipps only in such a way with on-line Lotto. Before the first cross on the play ticket is made, so each customer can argue first once thoroughly with the rules and conditions. In this respect, however, this does not only apply to Lotto 6 out of 49, as other lotteries can usually also be found at online providers. For example, drawings from America, Spain or Poland are tempting. The participation is however in the normal case always exactly the same uncomplicated thereby as with the Lotto from the homeland.

Finally the on-line offerers distribute also bonus offers or other gifts frequently. Such a thing would be unthinkable with the kiosk or the next shop, who would like to play on-line Lotto can be pleased however ever more frequently about such offers. Bottom line there are thus numerous advantages for the on-line Lotto, which we listed here again clearly:

play online lotto: Is that safe at all?

As in every industry, there are of course a few black sheep at the lottery providers on the Internet. In general, however, it can be said that the betting is extremely safe. The provider is always individually decisive for this, because it should always be monitored by an official and independent authority. Licenses from Gibraltar or Malta, for example, where a particularly pleasant legal framework has been created for the providers, are common. If this license can be found on the website of the provider, a serious and secure offer can be assumed. Of course, the license is not distributed just like that, because the provider first has to endure numerous tests. These tests are still carried out during ongoing operation, so that there is basically no reason to worry about the online lottery. In any case, playing the online lottery is no more insecure than typing at the kiosk.

Knowing the right provider: These criteria must be considered

In order to cooperate with a reputable provider as early as possible, different criteria should be examined before the registration, registration and deposit with the online lottery. That is quite of great importance, because in such a way it is guaranteed that it concerns actually a reliable and honest offerer. Which ranges are to be considered particularly and on which subtleties it depends thereby, which we summarized here naturally once again.

Security and Seriosit├Ąt

In the case of doubt with on-line Lotto play it concerns enormously large sums money, so that the security and Seriosit├Ąt with the offerer play naturally a superordinate role. The license already mentioned is the most important point of criticism here, because only then the enterprises may sell their offer at all. However, if you don’t want to rely solely on the control of others, you can also search for clues yourself and take a closer look at the provider in several areas. A look at the company in the background, for example, is extremely informative, since a long market affiliation, for example, always suggests an honest and reputable provider. Additionally helpful are naturally also always the player experiences, finally those come from first hand.

Tippabgabe made easy?

Who collected so far still at all no experiences with the Lotto play, that from the many possibilities on-line will be surprised presumably only once. There is much more possible here than just ticking the desired numbers. And exactly therefore the offerers should be also strongly anxious to arrange the placing of bets as simply as possible for their customers. Transparency is the keyword here, because this is the only way for every player to actually get the best out of his playing options. In this context, the providers naturally collect clear plus points for possible explanations or assistance.

Straightforward for beginners and newcomers, this factor represents an important criterion; after all, the overview can quickly get lost with a large offer. So that this does not happen if possible, the offerer should pay attention above all to a good structure and menu guidance. This includes that the individual options are clearly recognizable and logically arranged.

Customer support should be helpful and flexible

An important keyword when it comes to explanations and help is, of course, customer support. The customer service staff should always be available to the players, so they should also be able to respond quickly to enquiries. Usually several contact possibilities are available, so that nobody is dependent on a letter or other lengthy procedures. Usual is an e-mail support which normally delivers the answer to the desired question within a few hours. If there is also a telephone hotline or a live chat available – all the better.

In addition to the different contact methods, availability times also play an important role. The perfect support is available around the clock and therefore always there for the players. In practice, however, it is also sufficient if round-the-clock support is only guaranteed on drawing days. There are certainly different opinions regarding the quality of advice. However, it is certain that the answers should above all be target-oriented and understandable. Important: Fees do not have to be and can therefore be avoided in many cases. The Top offerers for example make their consultation and the customer support available free of charge.

How run off the inpayments and disbursements?

Well one of the most important crucial points with the offerer check is the completion of the inpayments and disbursements. In both cases, the transactions should normally be processed quickly. No Tipper would like to wait long for its well-deserved profit and no customer would like to kill several working-days, until the deposit is to be found finally on the player account. Of course, there are solutions for this which can be found in the different payment methods. Although the bank transfer is often available, it is not an optimal solution due to the long waiting time of several working days. Electronic payment methods such as PayPal, Skrill or Neteller are better. The Paysafecard is also extremely popular for deposits, as no personal data or information needs to be entered here.

In connection with deposits and withdrawals, however, transparency with regard to possible costs and fees is also important. The best providers do not charge additional fees, but they cannot avoid them if they are at least clearly stated. In addition, attention should be paid to the concealment of customer data, which is particularly important, for example, when paying by credit card.

If there is a mobile version of the offer?

To ensure that no tipper has to miss a draw due to overtime or other obstacles, most providers rely on their own app for smartphones and tablets. This brings a smile to the face of many customers, because the tips can also be easily done in the morning on the way to the bus or subway. In addition, the particularly good smartphone versions are usually also distinguished by additional extras. These may include special features, such as notifications of drawing results. However, costs should not be incurred for the use of a Lotto App. If a provider demands high fees for downloading or mobile betting, the offer should definitely be abandoned. There are enough free of charge alternatives, so that no customer should plan additional costs for its mobile play passport.

More than only Lotto 6 from 49

To find should in the Portfolio beside the classical and German Lotto 6 from 49 also still different Lotterien to find are. Even who starts excluding as home-connected players, will be able to be inspired usually relatively fast by the other Lotterien. Owing to on-line offerers participations in draws from the whole world make themselves possible, so that each weekday can become the Jackpot day. The Eurojackpot, for example, is particularly popular with German players and attracts attention with a main prize of up to 90 million euros. But the American Powerball lottery is at least as popular, with more than 300 million euros waiting for the winner. In addition, the best providers offer their customers even more lotteries, such as Polish Lotto, the Euromillionen, “El Gordo” or Lotto 6 from 45.

Bonus offers and extras

Aside from a possible new customer bonus, many online providers also provide their existing customers with an online lottery bonus. Which for a bonus thereby exactly is offered, is naturally different from offerer to offerer. Generally the market shows up in this regard however enormously creatively, so that again and again mad offers wait for the players. Absolute “classics” in this respect are the elimination of ticket fees, deposit offers or free tip fields on the tickets.

In addition, some of the providers also draw attention to themselves with other highlights, such as live broadcasts of the draws. So each customer can always be there live, if possibly the own winning numbers are drawn. Plus points are also awarded in a comparison, for example, when customers are notified of the results of the draw by e-mail. The more additional offers and options are made available by the provider, the better it is. However, you should also consider which features are actually worthwhile.

Successfully play online lottery: Tips and tricks

Of course there are a few ways to play the online lotto to increase your chances on the “big throw” still a little bit. For example, a look at the other lotteries in the portfolio is always recommendable, as the German lottery offers 6 out of 49 relatively low probabilities of winning the jackpot. However, it should not be forgotten that the winning amounts are often superior to other lotteries. In addition, it is advisable to tick the highest possible numbers on the ticket. The reason for this is simple, but clever: Most players rely on numbers from the “environment”, i.e. dates of birth, for their draws. If numbers are ticked that are above 31, the prize probably has to be shared with significantly fewer people in the event of a win – at best, of course, the entire jackpot sum goes into one’s own pocket.

Playing systems is also useful. These are simply formed on the coupon by ticking more than the required number of numbers. So if you check more than six numbers (excluding the additional number) in your betting field in Lotto 6 out of 49, you automatically play these numbers as a system. The more numbers you select, the better your chances of winning. It should also be noted, however, that higher stakes are due for systems. A similarly clever method is also the extended running times. With online lottery play, runtimes of several months can be selected without any problems, so that your own numbers participate in all draws during this period. That means for the player: More chances to win something.

Fazit: Online Lotto play is the clever solution

In contrast to the regular Lotto over the acceptance places the on-line Lotto play brings a whole set of advantages with itself. Players not only have to play a few lotteries, but can also participate in draws from all over the world. In addition, the fact that there are no opening hours to pay attention to speaks clearly in favour of the online providers in this context. Only the lottery deadlines have to be taken into account, whereby in the event of a late submission, the next draw is usually automatically entered. Another advantage of the online lottery is the bonus. Such offers are not yet available from all representatives of the industry, but a large proportion already rely on them. This allows players to get nice and helpful benefits that can make all the difference. But it is always important for all players that they take a close look at their choice of provider. Our experiences and test reports are always helpful and recommendable in this context. Once all criteria have been carefully checked, nothing stands in the way of gaming fun.

FAQ for online lotto play

In this section you will find answers to frequently asked questions about lotto on the Internet.

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